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Every year we celebrate black history of those who have passed on, but what about those who are making history? The trailblazers, the architects and the godfathers that made it possible for magicians of color to have the chance to perform like everyone else? Here is my list of black performers who are/were pillars of the magic community...oh did I mention they're black?

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I would be HIGHLY surprised if the show explained how these fictional magic tricks in The Messiah could be accomplished how they are shown, mainly because the fictional budget and level secrecy required to do something like walking across the Capitol Reflecting Pool is impossible to least with technology we know about. But hey- Season 1 ended with an “I take it all back” cliffhanger which again implies that Al-Masih probably does have some sort of “gift”, which conveniently wraps up all inexplicable and loose ends. 


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The last thing I want is for people to think I’m a quack. I have a very practical approach ...I give people the tools to use in moments of stress. To make people feel like  they're acquiring skills, like they have options. There's really only 3 situations where I may talk about magic with someone. I don’t just offer magic everyday, I don’t want to impose my view on things or get people to like what I like, I’m very careful about that. It works much better when you are relatively impartial and you don’t try to Impose your beliefs on someone. But what I have found is...

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Every Christmas thousands of friends and family members struggle to find the best gifts for their magicians. How do you find a gift when all the details are shrouded in mystery? Fantasma magic has you covered with the best gifts for your favorite magician, but even better....we tell you WHY they're awesome.

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If you vaguely remember the legend of a magician "stopping a war" with one legendary trick, you are remembering a true story of Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin. Houdini was asked to use his magic in a wizard battle by Napoleon Bonaparte. Here are 5 incredible things about him that you might not have known!

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