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The last thing I want is for people to think I’m a quack. I have a very practical approach ...I give people the tools to use in moments of stress. To make people feel like  they're acquiring skills, like they have options. There's really only 3 situations where I may talk about magic with someone. I don’t just offer magic everyday, I don’t want to impose my view on things or get people to like what I like, I’m very careful about that. It works much better when you are relatively impartial and you don’t try to Impose your beliefs on someone. But what I have found is...

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Every Christmas thousands of friends and family members struggle to find the best gifts for their magicians. How do you find a gift when all the details are shrouded in mystery? Fantasma magic has you covered with the best gifts for your favorite magician, but even better....we tell you WHY they're awesome.

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Celebrity Hypnotist Chris Jones, host of the hit show "Double Take" (Produced by John Cena) tells us the secrets to getting on TV with magic, creating a TV show, and getting over 30 Million views on Youtube. Our weekly blog features interviews with top magicians giving real working advice.

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