WTF do you get a Magician for Christmas?

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WTF do you get a Magician for Christmas?

Every day we get parents in Fantasma that ask for a gift for their magical friends, relatives and fans of the craft. The only problem is that the value of magic is in the secrecy. It’s hard to find a gift for magicians especially when the methods, the products, and the instructions are a secret. BUT have no fear, RJ the Director of Fantasma Magic compiled a list of our favorite gifts for the Holidays. This is specifically for the beginner - advanced magician (12+), but you can check back next Thursday for our beginner Kids list! 

Sudden Deck by David Regal

Difficulty: Intermediate

Sudden Deck is my favorite new trick. I use the term NEW loosely. David Regal has been doing this for decades, however Sudden Deck 3 has some awesome improvements on the design.

What is it?:

Sudden deck allows a magician to show a blank box of cards, unprinted and cut from a template. After a shake the flat template prints. The magician shows the front and the back of the card stock blank and empty. After folding the card stock into a box shape, it fills with a full deck of 52 cards that are completely usable for any trick.

Why is it useful?

There’s a thought in magic that a magician should find ways to “produce” and object they need, after all...they are magical. Pulling cards out of a pocket can be a pretty lackluster opening. By magically making cards,  a magician establishes the quality of the trick from the start.

Mechanic Industries Gaff System

Difficulty: For the intermediate creative

What is it?:

A gaff is a prop that is not normal that is used for magic. A gaff deck, is a deck of cards that are made for magicians. Blank cards, double backed cards and other sneakier cards are included. 

Why is it special:

This gaff deck is  made with the magician in mind. It features unique optical illusion gaff cards that can’t be made by the average person. In reality a double backed or blank card is relatively easy to make. This deck features unique optical illusions that bend the limits of card magic. A card that makes the deck look hollow, or a back design that falls off of the deck are just a few of the awesome cards. If you have a creative magician in your life, these cards are something that they’ll be itching to experiment with.

Limited Edition Gold Scotch and Soda Coin Set

Difficulty: Beginner

What is it:

There is no booze involved with this scotch and soda. This is a classic of magic and most likely one of the first tricks any magician saw at their first magic shop. This Scotch and Soda, is a modern take on a magician favorite. It is a special coin set that allows a magician to completely vanish a spectators chosen coin.

Why is it special:

My friend, magician Eric Brown says that a vanish is one of the strongest things a magician can do. Scotch and soda is typically done with “sketchy coins” in my opinion. Typically it is done with an American 50 cent piece and an English Penny (sometimes a Mexican centavo). Most magicians have little to no explanation as to why they can’t use “normal coins”. The limited Edition gold dollar version uses a quarter and a gold dollar coin. Not only are they common coins, but the gold dollar is also gorgeous and shiny, which is why it is collectable! These are almost impossible to find, but on we have them restocked from last time they sold out! This is my favorite coin trick in our catalog and it is also a great price $29.99

Eugene Burger: From Beyond by Lawrence Hass and Eugene Burger - Book

Difficulty: For the Pro

What is it:

The Late Eugene Burger was an incredible magician from the last generation of magic. He was a master of storytelling, magic philosophy and staging acts. Burger was also a Chicago Native, which is known as a mecca for it’s unique brand of  magic. This book is a collection of material from Burger, that he kept closely guarded his entire life.

Why is it special?:

Burger passed away in 2017. Before his death he planned this book with Larry Hass, which is a collection of incredible magic to be released after his death. This book is literally a lifetime of secrets from one of the most talented, respected and (sorely) missed magicians of the last century.  The Magic in the book is incredible, and the “cool factor” of having something Eugene Burger wanted us to have post mortem is what makes this the perfect gift.

Sparkle Flash Pads:

Difficulty: Easy, but 18+ recommended

What is it?:

Magicians love fire, FACT. Flash paper is a chemically treated sheet of paper that ignites on contact with flame. It is awesome to magically make something appear/vanish and it also looks great on camera.

What Makes it special?

This flash paper has a special powder coating that makes a sparkler effect with the paper. It ignites like a small firework, which is the perfect Christmas-y effect for magicians, or just pyro junkies. We have been playing with it at fantasma and it is ADDICTIVE. Almost every magician uses flash paper anyway, It should be sparkle flash least until after new years. It is also disposable, so magicians run out of it. That means it’s the perfect gift for the person who “has everything”

A Note From RJ:

All the products listed have been tested by myself and my staff at Fantasma. We also see what sells, what magicians are asking for and what doesn’t work…(But that’s another blog”. Whether you buy these products from Fantasma or not we promise that these are awesome presents that would surprise even an experienced magician.

Use code: freefantasma when ordering any of these items for 10% off of your order. From the Fantasma Family to you, this week only! (Ending Thanksgiving Day)


Written By RJ Lynch
RJ AKA RJ THE Magician is a 23 year old Magician, Ted Speaker, Writer and Director of the Houdini Museum. RJ currently is based out of Manhattan.


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