Free 4 Ace trick taught by Nic Suriano

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Free 4 Ace trick taught by Nic Suriano

An amazing free trick taught by Nic Suriano. Learn this today and take a look at those cards that we have available here!




  • Macsen

    I love it

  • James Short

    That was really nice. Thanks for sharing.

  • Daniel Ball

    This was so easy to learn, I don’t know why I needed the tutorial, but, hey, I watched it anyway. And I watched it again, and again, and again, and … well, you get the point. I did the trick first time, and even I was amazed at how awesome it looked. Thank you. I’m off to make some magic and I will be giving Nic, my new best friend, and teacher, all the credit. I know a magician should never reveal their secrets, so I will be telling everyone to go to if they want to see how it is done. Thanks again, have a great day, peace, out. Coolhand “Danny” Dan. 8-)

  • Rob


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