Z-Card RED by MOON

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Welcome to the Z card!

This magic has made the existing zigzag card plot more visual with ease! If you pull it with your existing hand and make a zigzag shape, the Z-Card zigzags on its own as if you were cutting the card in the air without touching it!

The audience picks a random card. The magician draws a magic line on the card. After that, the audience signs on the card. The magic begins now! When the magician gives you a signal, the card automatically cuts along the magic line and moves sideways!

If you give me a signal again, the card will slowly be restored! After the magic, the audience can check the card they signed! No kind of thread is used. No attach any objects. Magnet is not used. It's not a flap, not cover card with anything. It's ready to performance and very easy to do! Reset immediately.

Available in red and blue color. Let's check this trick out!

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