WOW PASS CASE (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Katsuya Masuda - Trick

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WOW has been transformed into something very familiar! This is the latest work of Katsuya Masuda's big hit item "WOW". It is a pass case type WOW. This allows us to do more magic more naturally, mysteriously!


Ask the audience to draw their favorite pictures and letters on a piece of white paper. Have the audience hold the paper you wrote face down. Then put the blank white paper inside the pass case. When the magician shakes the pass case lightly, the picture written by the audience earlier gradually emerges! When I look at the paper that the audience is holding, it is completely blank. At the end, you can give the pass case to the audience and ask them to check the picture inside.

  • WOW Pass Case
  • Online instruction.

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