WORLD CUP GAME by Tora Magic - Trick

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Produced and designed by Tora Magic Company

As you know, soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and Tora Magic has produced a product that will miraculously impress soccer and magic lovers or any person.

The World Cup Game is a strong mental item with high potential.

In the book, we have gathered the famous players in each country. It is divided into three parts (1.Senior player section, 2. Player's clothes section, 3. Lower part section)

Due the fact that the clothes of each country have different colors and designs. We turn the book completely so that the audience is informed about the variety of players and clothes, then we ask the audience to choose the senior player, choose the clothes and then choose the lower part of the body. He can choose from any part of the book that he wants. When the audience's choice is completed, we give an envelope to the audience, which is our prediction of the audience's choice, we have already guessed and put inside the envelope.

An audience will be completely shocked at this point, he can't believe his eyes because the choices made separately from the three sections are the same with our prediction.

This product is suitable for stage performances, street performances and even suitable for children's performances. (performance can be done anywhere without restrictions)

360 degree angle, easy preparation, easy to do

Product included: book, envelope and instructions card.

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