Wooden ESP Prediction Cards by Joker Magic - Trick

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A set of premium quality wooden ESP cards, a perfect accessory for any ESP trick, as we have engraved "PREDICTION" on the back of every card!

At the beginning of a trick we can put one of them on an elegant stand, then have the spectator choose the exact card with our favorite method, and the prediction comes true!

The vibrant, yet very elegant cherry wood color makes the mental routines even more mysterious!

The wooden cards are manufactured to be "hand-friendly", which means no sharp edges or corners, these are a delight to hold in the hand! The unique back pattern gives the feeling that we are not using wooden slabs but real cards!

All sets are crafted with care and precision, with several layers of wood stain and varnish to make them durable and give them that gorgeous satin feel.

In this set you can find 5 ESP cards with "PREDICTION" engraved on their backs. You will also get an elegant stand and a small velvet bag for the cards to make your performance even more elegant!

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