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A set of premium quality, wooden ESP cards. The vibrant, yet elegant cherry wood color gives this set an elegance which makes mental magic all the more powerful!

The wooden cards are manufactured to be "hand-friendly", which means no sharp edges or corners, these are a delight to hold in the hand! The unique back pattern gives the feeling that we are not using wooden slabs but real cards!

All sets are crafted with care and precision, with several layers of wood stain and varnish to make them durable and give them that gorgeous satin feel.

This ESP set is supplied in a black velvet sack, to emphasize the elegance and mystery these wooden set gives to our performance.

You can correctly guess the card chosen by the spectator in several ways, and you can use this set for any ESP routines out there!

You can write you prediction on a piece of paper of course, but you can also use one card from our ESP Prediction set, and you can have your prediction in sight on a wooden stand, making your act stand out even more.

You can also use our E-S-Pen trick in combination with these cards. The spectator can choose his card with the help of the pen, which you can correctly predict. The prediction can even be wrong at first, as the ink in the pen can be made to vanish, which changes the symbol you wrote!

You can also have the cards arranged in the order shown on the pen without looking at the faces of them.

This set contains five wooden ESP cards (with one symbol of each ESP markings), and is supplied in a black velvet bag.

Routines described in the English online video explanation:

1. Intuition - A highly impactful mental routine!
The magician "feels" what card the spectator is holding in her hands.

2. Mental Monte
The magician guesses correctly which card the spectator memorized while he turned away.

3. Three Neighbors
The magician can tell what card the spectator put into which pocket while he turned away.

4. Ordinal Number
The magician can tell the spectator's selected card from the mixed ESP cards.

5. Decision
After the spectator's free selections, the written prediction is 100% true!

6. Prediction (Even more visual with our "Prediction" set!)
The art of spectator influencing. After shuffling the cards, the spectator selects three cards by random (holding them face-down all along). She selects one, where she "feels" something. The magician has already predicted this card.

7. Glide - One of the most impactful routines in the pack! (Even more visual with our "Prediction" set)
The selected card from the mixed pack matches the prediction.

8. Pen Prediction
The spectator selects three, two then one card with the help of a pen, and it matches the prediction.

9. E-S-Pen - (trick combination with E-S-Pen)
The spectator can freely select the order of the cards being put down on the table, but it will still match the order engraved on the pen!

10. Miracle - One of the most powerful routines described!
The spectator selects a card freely, then shuffles it back in the pack while the magician turns away. Then the magician "reads" the cards from the spectator's eyes, then selects the remembered card!

11. One Way
The magician selects the chosen card among the cards, which the spectator shuffled before and after her selection.

The back of the cards are not marked and they can be examined freely!

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