Wonderful Routines of Magic 2nd ADDENDUM by Ellison Poland - Book

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Wonderful Routines Of Magic-Second Addendum by Ellison Poland

A wide assortment of magic from various well-known contributors. Includes effects with playing cards, coins, and mental magic.

The book is hardbound with a colorful dust jacket, it measures 6' by 9" and contains 200 pages. This second addendum to the original Wonderful Routines of Magic contains fifty-seven items, only twenty of which are by the author. The other contributors are; Aaron Black, Tony Econ, Peter Duffie, SteveHook, gene Maze, Harry Milliken, Charles Pecor, Steve Pressley, Dan Tong, and Gary Ward. The primary focus is on close-up magic. The Second Addendum is indexed.

The effects are mostly cards and coins. There are two out-and-out mental effects and two or three of the card effects can be presented as very strong mental effects.

When "Psychic Pulse" was shown and explained to several magicians while on the way home from a magic convention, they said that it alone was worth the price of the book.

It is firmly believed that applications of "Slough-off Control," combined with "Slough-off Mathematics" can revolutionize one facet of card magic. If these two concepts are combined with John Quine's handling of his "Quine's Keeper," even more miracles are possible.
  • Printed in 1994, the Second Addendum is 191 pages! These copies are first editions!
  • Well illustrated and includes 58 items!
  • Primary focused on close-up magic!

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