Wonderbag Barbie (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Gustavo Raley - Trick

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If you enjoyed wonderbag in your shows Gustavo Raley comes with a new version using a barbie cape.

Wonderbag is a original idea to dress up a girl in your children's shows.

Different headbands of famous characters are shown. A child selects one from a bag and places it on his head.

After guessing which hidden character makes a small cape appear, the spectator unable to put on the cape due to its size, enters the bag, transforming it into a large cape.

A highly impactful effect for your shows.

Ideal for hall and stage magic.

Includes all materials.

Made in high quality.

Available in four versions:
  • Batman/Batgirl
  • Superman/Supergirl
  • Harry Potter
  • Barbie

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