VOX (Toolkit and Online Instructions) by David Jonathan - Trick

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Imagine the power: A randomly chosen card. They mix the deck. Siri tells you its exact position!

"VOX is yet another shining example of why I love David's brain so much. He should be declared a national treasure!"
- Michael Murray

"VOX is brilliant. The work that David has put into this is incredible."
- David Penn

"David has seamlessly woven a variety of methods to create a powerful & highly memorable routine which will amaze your audience and the magician alike. VOX is incredible."
- Joel Dickinson

"Meticulously well designed and thought out. VOX is an incredible version of ACAAN."
- Marc Paul

"David has a penchant for producing strong effects with clever methods, and VOX is no exception. Add to cart!"
- Eric Stevens

"VOX is BRILLIANT! David took the ACAAN concept and made it relatable, fresh, modern and added a really clever, unique twist. You are really going to get a kick out of this!"
- Matt Johnson

"David has created something really special with VOX. The presentation is engaging, and the method is fiendishly clever. I don't normally perform ACAAN but I'll definitely be doing this!"
- Roddy McGhie

VOX is a potent utility that allows you to perform an insanely clean, completely hands off Any Card At Any Number with just a deck of cards and your iPhone!

The Effect:
Prove that Siri is an amazing mentalist. Have a participant freely cut the deck as many times as they like. While they are mixing the pack, the performer asks Siri to name a random card and a random number. Without ever touching the cards, and from a position they freely cut to, they count down to the number and the card is there!

Key Points:
  • Uses the real Siri and native features of the iPhone. No magic apps or screen recordings
  • 100% hands off - the performer never touches the cards!
  • The participant can even name, or freely select, ANY card instead of asking Siri
  • No forces - No reset
  • Instantly repeatable with a different card and number with the deck still in their hands
  • They can freely cut the deck wherever they like - even after the card has been selected
  • No table required - it can be performed entirely in the hands
  • Multiple variations and methods are taught with handlings for close-up and stage
  • Works offline (no need for an internet connection)
  • The initial one-time setup is super easy and takes only a few minutes to complete
With VOX, you will receive everything you need to start performing right away. Includes all the downloadable assets, over 2 hours of video instruction, a detailed PDF and exclusive access to the VOX Facebook Group.

Compatible with iPhone models 6S and newer & iOS 13 or later.

Get VOX today and transform Siri into your secret accomplice!

"This may become one of the best EDC's of all time and is a strong contender for Trick of The Year."
- Fiddlin Jonny

"VOX is a really big addition to the magic world and one of the most exciting releases to come out this year. 100%"
- Craig Petty

"An amazing project. David's worked his butt off on this and it shows!"
- Paul Longhurst

"This is the 2023 Trick of the Year in my opinion."
- Joshua Steinke

"The work that has gone into this is amazing. The tutorial is first class and the price is unbelievable... I love it!"
- Douglas H.

"This has to be the best ACAAN I have ever seen."
- Bob Hand

"This effect is amazing. David's thought process with respect to the method is just brilliant."
- James Buchanan Cowan

"I absolutely love VOX. Instant Trick of The Year for me."
- Daniel Godwin

"Every time I do this trick, I blow my own mind. It's very gratifying."
- Rob Van Someren

"Close up Trick of the Year!"
- Nick V.

"Wow! VOX is incredible. It far exceeded my expectations - and my expectations were pretty high. I suspect that VOX will be a candidate for Trick of The Year!"
- Marc Edgar

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