Murphy's Magic and Vorst&Bosch: Deluxe Charcoal (Limited Edition) 11 by 16 inches Close Up Pad

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In celebration of partnering with Vorst&Bosch, we're excited to introduce the Deluxe Charcoal (Limited-Edition) Close-Up Pad from Vorst&Bosch, the perfect addition to any magician's arsenal. Handcrafted in the Netherlands with only highest quality materials, this pad is designed to provide the ultimate performance experience.

Featuring a sturdy base made from solid wood, the Deluxe Close-Up Pad is both durable and reliable. This Close-Up Pad is designed to protect your cards and props while ensuring smooth performance.

The Deluxe Charcoal (Limited-Edition) Close-Up Pad is also compatible with Vorst&Bosch's Regular Pad and Inlay system, allowing you to customize your pad to suit your specific needs. And with the option to purchase additional inlays, you can switch up your performance and keep your act fresh.

Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting out, the Deluxe Close-Up Pad from Vorst&Bosch is a must-have for any magician who wants to take their performance to the next level.

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