Vanishing Point (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by William Tyrrell - Trick

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Multiple decks instantly vanish, leaving you with just one normal deck of cards. "Vanishing Point" by William Tyrrell is truly the ultimate card magic opener.

After years of building a reputation as an underground magic gimmick genius, William Tyrrell has partnered with Vanishing Inc. to bring you his first mainstream release. While he is no stranger to having his insanely visual magic be praised by magic's most respected creators, "Vanishing Point" is quite possibly his best work yet.

The way the four decks of cards vanish is like real-life CGI magic. You're left with a normal deck of cards that can be immediately used for any card trick. Since everything resets in seconds, walkaround performers can seamlessly perform "Vanishing Point" from table to table.

Of course, "Vanishing Point" is also great for social media videos. This is why the detailed instructions give you everything you need to perform "Vanishing Point" in any situation, including the very basic sleight of hand required to end totally clean and unique handlings specifically designed for online videos.

Each handmade gimmick comes ready to be used with either red or blue Bicycle decks (both options are included). You'll also learn how it can be customized to fit any of your other favorite decks of cards in just a few minutes.

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