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Untrammelled was on Kickstarter in March 2022 and fully funded in under 10 Minutes. The campaign ended with 1658% funded and received numerous positive reviews! Thanks for all the love & support.

Untrammelled is a tribute to the timeless classic Ball & Vase.

Enjoy the trailer:

The basic effect of the classic Ball & Vase routine is that the magician removes the ball from the vase and places it in the magician's pocket. Suddenly, the ball reappears inside the vase.

To conceal the gimmick and make the movement more natural, we made some innovations to the classic version of Ball & Vase. After extensive experiments, we devised a new method to control the vanish and appearance of the small ball, circumventing the problem of the gimmick being exposed. As a result, a visible extra layer no longer exists, allowing for better concealment of the secret. The original designed method allows for exactly the same action when lifting the gimmick, making the move to activate the gimmick more natural and covert, with no suspicion whatsoever.

The design of the first prototype draws inspiration from the three gourd-shaped stone pagodas located at The Three Pools Mirroring the Moon, one of the ten scenic spots of West Lake (Xihu) in Hangzhou, China. The relationship of the three pools, of the moon and the lake, illusion and reality, truth and lies, allude to the vanish, appearance, and transformation of the ball in Untrammelled.

The vase was designed with reference to the stone pagodas and is made of Mufunjo Wood. The dark color gives off an antique, imposing, yet calm vibe. The weight of solid wood prevents tilts and unwanted shifts, allowing for a comfortable and smooth performance.

Three small balls are included in the package, two of which are beechwood balls (brown), allowing for better weight, feel, and grip. The other is a multi-faceted crystal glass ball, used to create a starry magical atmosphere as presented with the included routine.

An exclusive custom solid wood display box with a clear sliding lid will store the prop safely and can also be used as a display case on your shelf or magic corner.


Untrammelled vase
Height: 150mm;
Base diameter: 55mm;
Top diameter: 6.8mm;
Weight: approximately 179g.
Beechwood balls

Radius: 17mm;
Weight: approximately 13.4g.
Crystal class ball

Radius: 15mm;
Weight: approximately 37.5g.
Wooden display box

Size: 74mm x 72mm x 203mm

Contents of the instruction

How to operate Untrammelled: Actions and subtleties.

Basic routine: The ball is placed in the pocket and magically returns to the pagoda.

Advanced routine: The small ball changes places, changes color, repeatedly jumps to the pocket, and finally transforms into a big ball.

Complete controlled environment routine with patter, suitable for performances in small theaters, bars, parlor stages, and other dimly-lit environments.

Examining & maintenance video guide.

  • Innovation to the classic Ball & Vase, a completely new gimmick to conceal the secret and provide natural movement;
  • Aesthetic appearance with reference to stone pagodas in China;
  • Made of Mufunjo wood, allowing for a comfortable and smooth performance;
  • Complete instructions from basic to advanced;
  • Exclusive wood box to safely store the prop and display.
The whole set includes
  • 1x Untrammelled vase
  • 1x Gimmick
  • 2x Beechwood balls (light brown)
  • 1x Glass crystal Ball
  • Wooden display box with a clear sliding lid.
  • Instructional tutorial

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