Unseen: The Invisible Man by Josh Zandman

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"I've been using Zandman books and long word method books for a while. This might be the best method I've ever seen for that plot."
- Mike S

- David G

"These methods are genius!!"
- Michael O

"This is PURE GENIUS!"
- Mark C

- Chris K

"So many clever principles working together. It's brilliant!"
- Xabi L

"This is WICKED GOOD! So deceptive and easy to do."
- Michael I

"This is phenomenal!!"
- Chase W

Any word. Any page. No questions.
  • Impossible to backtrack
  • No questions asked
  • No fishing for letters
  • No misses
  • No forces
  • Totally hands-free
The Holy Grail
Spectator opens up to any page and picks any word.
She reads the sentence her word is in, to herself.
Depending on the word she chose, you can immediately reveal her word.
This will happen quite often.
A true miracle.

You Chose Wisely
If one of the Holy Grail words are not chosen...
Ask your spectator to change her word into any word she wants; maybe something personal or something funny. No restrictions.
She reads the sentence out loud using the new word she created.
You can now reveal the original word.

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