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Ever since 2014, Richard Osterlind and Jim Sisti have been discussing producing a line of original book tests featuring classic and innovative ideas. Finally, after much blood, sweat and tears, our first offering is here!

The Universal Force Book (UFB) is just that. It is a forcing device that has countless uses! For a fast way to force a word or phrase, perhaps for a one-ahead effect, it is the most direct. A spectator chooses a page and looks at a word - and it is forced! He can bring his finger down on a page and look at a word and that is forced, too! It can be repeated with different results! You can use UFB in conjunction with other current novels to create remarkable routines. Richard even includes a six-part act he uses to demonstrate the UFB's incredible capabilities as a sample to help you build your own personalized routines. The possibilities are unlimited! Best of all, the book looks just like a real best-selling novel!

Jim and Richard created the UFB from scratch based on the standard for today's paperback books. Carefully analyzing what makes a current bestseller look like it does, they applied that knowledge to the UFB in painstaking detail. You could place it on the shelves of any bookstore and it would look like any other mass-market paperback book! The biggest objection to gimmicked books - that they never look real - is overcome right from the start! This book looks and feels exactly like a current best-seller! And yet, every word, number, symbol, and picture is original. This is not simply a redo of some old book in public domain. This intricate mentalist's tool - disguised to look precisely like a common paperback novel - has been built completely from the ground up.

The comprehensive instruction manual included with the book contains six chapters explaining all the intricacies of the UFB as well as how to use them! There is even a chapter on two ungimmicked forces to use with regular novels in conjunction with all the other abilities of the UFB. You will be able to construct routines that will absolutely kill!

Best of all, the price for this completely original 300-plus page original novel, along with its instruction manual, is far less than other current book tests!

This is a piece of equipment you will use! No matter what type of mentalism you do, the UFB will fit in!

"I guarantee you will be happy with the UFB! It is one of the best things we have ever done!"
- Richard Osterlind

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