The Token of Life (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Luca Volpe, Paul McCaig and Alan Wong - Trick

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The performer introduces a folded paper package, saying that its contents represent the three levels of consciousness.

Each folded layer is opened, revealing another inner paper package, each sheet with a written title of that particular level of consciousness.

From within the final, smallest packet, the performer removes and displays a pewter oracle token, which they explain is used to understand the positive and negative aspects of our lives.

The packets are refolded back inside each other, and the token is given to a participant who is asked to flip it into the air and catch it or spin it on the table. The topic of the reading is determined by which way up the token lands (REMOVE or LIVE LIFE) and expanding on the subject by combining the power of the token with the additional topic cards.

At the end of the reading, the performer asks the participant to unfold the papers once again, revealing that the original blank inner paper now has a written motivational message printed on it, and which the participant may now keep for themselves.

The full routine can be enhanced with a touch of mind-reading, where the performer can also divine which topic is chosen from the cards.

The system blends magic and mentalism (the appearance of the message and the reading/mind reading).

The token can also be used by itself to give quick impromptu readings, as all the main and secondary topics are embossed on both sides of it.

The Token of Life is a compact, self-contained, 'icebreaker' and an ideal EDC for magicians, mentalists, or anyone who would like to include an element of psychic reading into their performance.

Included in the download is a comprehensive instructional booklet pdf and a transcription sample reading pdf with video performance demonstration from Russell J Hall.

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