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Magician Terry Chou has long combined the VDR and Hopping Coin effect in his live shows. In this routine, two coins magically return to a coin purse after the performance, creating a seamless connection between the beginning and the end, resulting in a cohesive and satisfying experience for the audience rather than a mere display of props.

The inspiration to incorporate a Rubik's Cube into a similar effect struck Terry one day. The larger size of the cube made it perfect for stage performances, ensuring visibility for all audience members.

The design of the Time Cube prop adds an extra layer of intrigue. Initially considering a 4x4, 3x3, and 2x2 cube, the final decision to use a mirror cube instead of a 2x2 cube is more puzzling and visually captivating.

The biggest challenge in designing the Time Cube was creating a box that could hold three cubes while maintaining a compact size. Three-dimensional cubes are not as easy to hide as flat objects like coins, and several versions were experimented with, including wood, plastic, and acrylic.

None seemed ideal, however, as they were either too obtrusive, lacked 360-degree visibility, or made the box look disproportionately large. The goal was to create a "pseudo-design" that resembled an ordinary packaging box. After much comparison and experimentation, the perfect solution was found. The size of the box appears small, yet it is large enough to hold three cubes while appearing to be an ordinary packaging box.

The gimmick is 3D printed with industrial precision, and meticulous surface treatment ensures an exceptionally smooth finish with no visible flaws, even upon close inspection.

In addition to being a complete routine, Time Cube can seamlessly transition into other Rubik's Cube routines. When the routine ends with the revelation that all the cubes have magically returned, magicians can directly take out the 3×3 cube inside, and move on to their next Rubik's Cube effect.

Other Key Points:
  • Time Cube is compatible with various cube magic props in the market, and the shell size matches standard cubes.
  • It serves as a regular cube shell for other cube routines, expanding the possibilities beyond a 3x3 cube.
  • Ingenious design with deceptive qualities
  • Masterfully crafted using industrial-grade 3D printing
  • A complete routine in itself
Notes: 15 paper bags are included in one set. The refill of paper bags will be available soon.

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