Three Kingdom Playing Cards

Three Kingdom Playing Cards

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Printed by USPCC (Air Cushion Finish) for ChinaMagic in both limited and regular edition. The suits (black and gold) are re-styled with the half-moon hook of an ancient Chinese weapon, the sky halberd, and custom courts represent famous people of the era.

Lu Bu (surname Lu) was a mighty warlord during the time of the Three Kingdoms, controlled by Cao Cao (Northern), Liu Bei (Central) and Sun Quan (Southeast).

Court Cards - (Surname first):

KoS - Ding Yuan, Regional Governor and minor warlord Lu Bu served under and eventually killed

QoS - Ms Yan

JoS - Zhang Liao, a military general serving under Ding Yuan (as well as Dong Zhuo, Liu Bei and Cao Cao)

KoC - Yuan Shu, a warlord (half-brother to Yuan Shao, one of the most powerful warlords at the time)

QoC - Ms Lu, Lu Bu's wife

JoC - Zhao Yun, a military general who served under Liu Bei

KoD - Cao Cao, one of China's most powerful warlords

QoD - Cao Shi, Cao Cao's wife

JoD - Zhang Fei, a military general who served under Liu Bei

KoH - Dong Zhuo, warlord whom Lu Bu defected to after killing Ding Yuan...Lu Bu eventually killed Dong Zhuo

QoH - Diao Chan, lover of Lu Bu in Luo Guanzhong's novel 'Romance of the Three Kingdoms'

JoH - Chen Gong, advisor to Lu Bu