The Thread of Life (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Wayne Dobson and Alan Wong - Trick

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The Thread of Life by Wayne Dobson in association with Alan Wong

Since the dawn of time the unanswered question for mankind has always been "Why are we here?". Wayne explains Alistair Witchell's theory. Could it be closer to the truth than you'd expect?

Throughout his TV series 'A Kind of Magic' Wayne presented a routine called 'Alistair Witchell's Amazing Tales'. Here he featured one of his favorite classic storylines based around the Gypsy Thread called The Thread of Life, with credit to The Gypsy Thread by Lewis Ganson

The Thread of Life is a complete professional package with full performance rights to use Wayne Dobson's script word for word written specially for his TV show.

The Thread of Life also comes with an improved handling of how to prepare the thread and every possible detail of handling the thread step by step, professionally taught in the video instructions by Axel Hecklau.

The Thread of Life includes a Book of Life, an antique book type wooden storage box which contains three wooden spools of white cotton thread, plus four extra refill rolls of thread supply. The thread is 100% cotton and VERY EASY TO BREAK, which is an essential quality for performing the Gypsy Thread effect. In total you get an abundant supply of this special thread for lots of practice and hundreds of performances.

The Thread of Life is an all time classic. Now you can learn from the masters with Wayne Dobson's original script, Axel Hecklau's handling and perform it with the best quality props.

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