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"What!! I didn't expect such a kicker was possible with the CCC! Definitely a first! And the finale!! Just gorgeous! Makes me wanna do coin magic again!"
- Cyril Takayama

"I've always loved the Charming Chinese Challenge but Avi has taken it to another level. In fact, when I saw him do it live I screamed like a small child when all 3 coins appeared on the string! Clean construction and great choreography... I love it"
- Chad Long

"Avi's magic is a prime example of the perfect balance between pure skill and artistic poetry. With his kindness, thoughtfulness and structure, he leads the next generation of coin magicians into a wonderful future."
- Homer Liwag

"I love all of Avi's coin magic, especially his CCC! I highly recommend it and hope you look at it!"
- Hide Yamamoto

"Threaded is THE BEST CCC out there period."
Alan Rorrison

"Visual. Practical. Amazing. Threaded is like Avi Yap... it's the real deal!"
- Luke Dancy

Introducing Threaded, Avi's interpretation of the beloved coin magic routine "Charming Chinese Challenge" by Troy Hooser.

Meticulously designed routine addresses the original's limitations, offering clean and convincing moves with captivating audience participation. Prepare to be astonished by Threaded's unique kicker and climactic finale, which left audiences spellbound during Avi's mesmerizing live performance at the 2022 Las Vegas S.A.M Con Gala show.

Threaded has brought Avi remarkable opportunities, enabling him to deliver lectures of varying scales in over 11 countries and 17 cities. Through these experiences, he has connected with magic enthusiasts and shared his craft on a global level.

Beyond the magic itself, Avi's vision is to inspire and infuse your own ambitious journey with luck and skills. Let Threaded be your trusted companion, unlocking new realms of possibility and filling your life with the enchanting power of magic.

With the blessing of Troy Hosser himself, we successfully filmed the project in Singapore back in 2021. Threaded also marks Avi's final project with Skymember Presents before his departure. At that time, Avi didn't have a dedicated Chinese coin set linked to his work. In honor of Avi's significant contribution, we've embarked on a mission to develop the best Chinese coin set, not only for Threaded but for any coin magic routine. Shan Gui stands as our heartfelt tribute to Avi and his invaluable contributions.

What you will receive:
  • Threaded coin set: 3 x Shan Gui coins, 1 Shan Gui gaff coin, 2 pairs of ribbons in red and blue.
  • 30 minutes ONLINE MASTERCLASS.
What's Shan Gui Coin?


Two years in research and development by the engineer Calvin Liew, Shan Gui transcends a mere coin; it is a WORK OF ART.

DESIGNED TO LOOK AND RESEMBLE AN ACTUAL COIN FROM ANCIENT CHINA, as if holding a mysterious power... and luck.

MADE FROM PURE COPPER, the coin not only has superior quality, but it also possesses... the ideal weight for everyday coin magic and fidgeting.

Our coin is PRECISION-CRAFTED USING THE TRI-FACE CNC PROCESS, involving the front, back and edges, to create an ASTONISHING DISC-SHINING EFFECT that cannot be achieved through molding or standard polishing processes.

The coin has been treated as a SOFT COIN, meaning that VERY LITTLE SOUND IS PRODUCED when coins rub against each other, but it will produce a BEAUTIFUL ECHO when you flick it.

To aid in your performance, the provided gaff is also meticulously engineered down to the finest details. This means that you no longer have to worry about anything other than your magic, giving you not only security but also the CONFIDENCE TO PERFORM - something that working professionals would undoubtedly appreciate.

With proper care, OUR COIN SET WILL ENDURE FOR YEARS TO COME. IT WILL LITERALLY OUTLAST YOU; it's AN INVESTMENT FOR A LIFETIME. If you are looking for the best Chinese coin magic or coin set, this is it.

Are you ready to take the leap of faith? If so, welcome to Threaded by Avi Yap.

Disclaimer: The TV rights for Threaded solely belong to Avi Yap and are not included in this purchase. Please contact Skymember Presents for commercial rights inquiries.

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