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A visual and aesthetic mentalism effect from the creative mind of Elvis Zheng.

This product is consumable, with each set allowing for 40 performances.

Magicians are never short of ways to present mind reading, such as verbal revelation, drawing duplication, lie detector, or combining it with another element.

Generally speaking, presenting a mind-reading routine with unique effects is often more remarkable to the audience and gets better feedback in the performance than mere verbal or written revelation.

From the creative mind of Elvis Zheng, we present you with an aesthetic visual mentalism effect: The Paper Cut.

The effect can be summed up in one sentence: after the audience "randomly" thinks of a landmark, celebrity, or animal, you can reveal the image of the thought-of object by paper cutting, and the paper-cut art can be given to the audience as a souvenir.

Paper Cutting (also called Jianzhi ?? in Chinese) is a traditional art in China, using scissors or an engraving knife to cut patterns from paper for decoration. Paper-cutting art dates back to the 2nd century CE. It gradually became one of the most popular folk arts in China and then spread worldwide.

Introducing paper-cutting art into magic or mentalism will provide an entertaining and unforgettable experience for your audience. The images are not only aesthetic but also delightful. Your audience will like it.

A year ago, Elvis Zheng shared with us an effect he had been performing for years in his close-up show, initially using a single piece of paper. After one year of continuous experimentation, revision, and development, we evolved it into a seemingly regular notebook. You can carry it around and perform the effect multiple times.

A set of the Paper Cut notebook contains four themes: celebrity, landmark, animal, and birthday wish. Each theme comes with 10 pieces of paper. Therefore, you can perform a total of 40 times with one set of the Paper Cut notebook.

Here is the full performance of the bonus routine:

Detailed online instruction is provided, teaching multiple handlings and routines of the Paper Cut. It offers handlings to let your audience sign on the paper, subtle daily settings from ManHo, and a bonus routine.

  • Revelation through a beautiful and unique art form;
  • Easy to do;
  • Self-contained in an ordinary-looking notepad;
  • The art can be given to the audience as a unique souvenir after the performance;
  • Four themes for varied situations;
  • Online instructions for multiple handlings and complete bonus routine.
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