The Appearing Bottle by George Iglesias & Twister Magic - Trick

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Another classic of magic brought to modern times by George Iglesias and Twister Magic. Make any bottle appear in seconds!

Based on the classic square circle illusion, George have created "The Appearing Bottle" two boxes that will produce any kind of bottle


A magician displays two boxes of different color, showing first one empty and then the second one empty too. Now the magician does a magic gesture and magically a bottle of any kind appear from inside.

A great magic trick for your shows! Perfect for parlor, comedy and stage magic! Be the star of the party, making appear a bottle of Champagne, Whisky, Rum, Wine, Martini, or any other bottle you want!

Printed in high-resolution and made to last out of a nice thick cardboard.

You receive all the pieces you need to perform this incredible trick, easy and ready to assemble in minutes.

Portable, easy to carry, packs flat and plays big and best of all, perform it surrounded, this version is angle proof!

Box measurements when assembled:
  • Height: 37cm (14.56 inches)
  • Length: 11cm (4.33 inches)
  • Width: 11cm (4.33 inches)

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