The David Roth Spinning Coin

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Wouldn't it be cool to have your face on a coin? I think it is, but David being the humble lad that he is just brushes it off like it's no big deal. Believe me, it's a big deal. And it's a beautiful coin! This exquisitely tooled silver dollar sized coin is a spinner too. If you don't know what a spinner is, it's a pretty neat thing to have. On the tail side of the coin is a little nub which allows the coin to be spun and then an arrow on the face of the coin points to wherever the coin stops. For you younger magicians you can show some standard coin tricks using the coin, and then use the spinner function with the coin to force a card from a spread out Fantasma Phantom deck and wherever the coin stops it will be on the chosen card! For magicians over 21, this is the best coin to have for when you're performing in a bar because it says "you pay" over the arrow! This coin comes in a beautiful red soft pouch. Check out the (2) coin set - item #2445 LIMITED EDITION ONLY 2,000 MADE