TENYO 2022 Complete Line

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Phone Appetit: While wearing a face mask printed with a giant red mouth, the magician suddenly "eats" a smartphone in plain view!

Wild Shock: Special deck of cards, special envelope, and detailed instructions enclosed

This trick is sure to rattle your audiences! Six Jokers are rubbed against a freely selected card and, one at a time, each joker transforms into the selected card! We have updated the classic "Wild Card," making it even more baffling to watch, and easier to perform. A separate presentation is included that allows you to "print" the selected card onto six blank cards. The enclosed manual contains detailed explanations of basic to advanced handlings.

Blink Bank: An empty, windowed envelope is full of money in a flash!

Flash Cube: 4 scrambled blocks all change position under a lid to match a chosen card!

Future Photo: A picture is taken with your cell phone of an undeveloped Polaroid. Spectator chooses a location from a map. When the photo is shown on the cell phone, the photo has developed- and it matches the spectator's chosen location!

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