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Create impossible predictions in real time on your phone!

From the creator of VOX comes Synergy, which takes multiple outs into the next stratosphere.

Hundreds of possible outcomes can be effortlessly predicted without ever touching the phone!

They have free choices every step of the way, yet your reveals will always be spot on and can appear in your photo gallery, as your wallpaper, within certain apps or even in Apple music!

Synergy boasts loads of routines, here are some of the highlights:

Clue: A suspect, weapon and location from a game of Clue are all freely named, and a photo taken on your phone shows the three game cards they selected!

Coin Toss: An imaginary coin is flipped four times and the wallpaper on your phone has predicted the outcome of all four flips perfectly!

Comic Clash: They are asked to visualize their favorite DC and Marvel superheroes squaring off against each other. There's a photo on your phone of a comic book with the two thought of superheroes battling each other on the cover!

Music Playlist: A list of songs are presented and they imagine hearing one playing in their mind, then arrange the others from their most to least favorite. You open Apple Music and there's a playlist of the songs that perfectly matches the order they created! Not only that, the song they have been hearing in their mind has been silently playing on mute from the start!

ESP Cards: Five ESP cards are shuffled and arranged in a row in any order facedown. You show a photo of five ESP cards taken earlier in the week on your phone and one by one, each card is turned over and it matches your photo bang on!

Playing Cards: A freely named playing cards happens to be your phone's wallpaper!

IMDB: You open the IMDB app and go to a specific movie, then place the phone facedown. They choose any film from the top 10 highest grossing movies of all time and turn the phone over to see that is the one you predicted!

Key points:
  • This is NOT a magic app
  • Can be performed without ever touching the phone
  • No NFC, RFID or voice recognition
  • No internet required for most routines
  • Starts and ends clean
  • TWO killer input methods included
  • iOS only (sorry Android users)
Synergy comes with custom printed props for certain routines, a Bluetooth selfie remote, access to 3 hours of video tutorials, all the required digital components and assets, and a PDF guide detailing how to setup your phone.


Q: Is this a magic app?
A: No, this is not a custom built magic app. Synergy uses native features available from Apple in iOS.

Q: How are the inputs done?
A: There are two input methods to choose from. One uses the supplied remote, which means you never have to touch the phone! The great thing about Synergy is it takes any standard Bluetooth selfie remote and transforms it into a covert multiple out input machine! If you prefer not to use the remote, the other input method only uses the phone and it is incredibly fast, motivated and extremely easy.

Q: How easy is it to perform?
A: Synergy is very easy to do. The setup, while not difficult at all, can take a little bit of time, but you get clear step by step instructions and it only needs to be done once, then you're all set!

Q: Does Synergy work with VOX?
A: Yes! You can use Synergy to input a freely named card for VOX. This means they can cut the deck as much as they like, they can name any card, they deal down and that named card is at the number Siri named without you ever touching the cards or the phone! (You must own VOX to use this feature).

Q: Does it work on Android?
A: Sorry, this is for iOS devices only.

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