Svenpad Ultimate Edition

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SVENPAD® ULTIMATE EDITION IS UNLIKE ANY SVENGALI STYLE PAD. This is a kind of mini book test (without the book), using over 60 unique "doodle drawings" in an infinite variety of combinations. With this revolutionary new pad, the Svengali long/short pages work in unexpectedly different ways that will make you smile. This SvenPad® is destined to become one of your favorite mind-reading utility devices, and should open new mind reading jazz possibilities, without the limitations of only a single force and printed words of a book. This pad BLENDS the use of IMAGES and WORDS to hide the workings in some new ways. 

THIS SVENPAD® OFFERS 3 DIFFERENT PHASES, and a variety of deeper methods under the hood. Using this pad will make it seem like you are literally inside each spectator’s head. Performers may choose to reveal the spectator’s thoughts in a variety of ways: Verbally, in writing, as a drawing duplication or (for Magicians) a revelation or a prediction. The first phase helps to hide the methods for the 2nd and 3rd phases.  

Reveal words. Reveal drawings. In fact, why not do both? The performer starts out far ahead, using a variety of powerful techniques. 

The origin story of this pad is written on the back - a fund raising doodle pad for the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation.  

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