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Super Lemon is a signature routine that Alex Ng has been performing for over nine years. Based on an original concept from Florian Severin's book ("What Lies Inside" published by Vanishing Inc.), Super Lemon creates a mind-bending experience for your audience.

You first casually ask your spectator to name a random fruit. Regardless of what they say, you proceed to take out a lemon and perform a lemon trick. With just a lemon and a knife, you invite everyone in the room to participate in a game of imagination.

Within the entire process, everyone is convinced and swears you are holding a lemon and a knife. But as the routine continues, it is revealed that the knife and the fruit have magically morphed into a fork and a yellow paper ball, causing the spectators to question what they just witnessed.

As the kicker-ending, you open the paper ball, and what's written inside, is the SPECTATOR'S RANDOMLY-NAMED FRUIT. A shocking ending for a visual mentalism opener!

"Of all the items in my book, the "Imagination is a lemon" is my favourite opening effect.Alas, many readers of "What Lies Inside" were scared of the involved switch. Now with Alex Ng's version, these fears belong to the past!The first time I watched Alex perform his version, I didn't even see his switch!So, get "Super Lemon", and get rid of your fears!I created many different and highly complicated versions for the knife that turns into a fork.But none was as simple, direct and efficient as the "Super Lemon"'s gimmick. Man, I wish I would have had come up with this idea!The gimmick does not only feature the most straight forward method, it is also flawlessly fabricated. A stunning beauty! It is a joy to toy around with. I instantly imagine many other routines that use this gimmick.But Alex and Henry did not only improve the underlying switches and perfected the gimmick: Alex also added a whole new twist at the end of the routine, adding an extra miracle kicker that pushes the entire performance another step forward. And, of course, they also give you everything you need for this special ending.If you want a reliable opener for your show that instantly classifies you as a master of minds, stop searching. You have found it.If I wouldn't already be performing this effect, now I would.Shhh-shhh, please, don't tell anyone, but I am not using my method anymore, but Alex's Super Lemon."
- Florian Severin

"A superb opening routine for any mentalism performance. Quick, snappy and with multiple revelations along the way. I love it!"
- Michael Murray

"Super Lemon is a clever adaptation of a Florian Severin's Imagination is a Lemon. My mouth is watering over the possibilities."
- Patrick G. Redford

"This is a fantastic twist on a psychological game that will fit perfectly mentalists and magicians. The props that comes in the package will make it a joy to perform!"
- Luca Volpe

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Q: What is included?
  • Specially designed gimmick knife
  • Artificial lemon
  • Other secret tools
  • A PDF file with a complete script
  • A solid audience-tested routine
  • Full video instructions
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