Sudden Deck 3.0 by David Regal

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In our opinion, this is simply the best way anyone could start any card routine.

Within a few seconds you instantly establish yourself as a magician your audience are going to want to watch perform.

What Happens?

You show your audience what a card box looks like before it’s assembled and printed. A white, flat piece of card, with the cuts needed to fold it into a box. Quick as a flash, with no cover or funny moves, the box prints itself. After showing this on both sides, you fold the card into the box shape, printing each side as you go.

So far, so spectacular.

But the good bit? The good bit is you can now instantly produce a complete, regulation deck of cards from the empty box you just assembled in front of their eyes. No steals, no loads, no palming, no nothing. You can just pull out a deck of cards and kick off your performance.

Professionals all around the world use this to start their shows. Now you can too.