Stasis Trick by Other Brothers and Jambor

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We love the "balancing" plot, and "Stasis" is a wonderful impromptu piece in which you can impossibly balance almost anything right under the spectator's nose. We produced "Balance" by Joshua Jay, and this makes a lovely companion piece that you can do beforehand. It also works extremely well in close-up conditions, when "Balance" wouldn't be a good fit.

In effect, you can balance a dollar bill on a credit card, and a deck of cards on top of the bill! Balance your phone on the tip of your finger. You can modify most pocket objects so that "Stasis" can be performed with seemingly anything you find on your person.

Included in "Stasis" are two precision-made gimmicks that allow you to perform this anytime, anywhere, and with almost anything. Balance borrowed bills, bottles, pens, wallets, and even more!.

With the detailed video instructions, you'll be able to perform "Stasis" right out of the box.

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