STAR DRAWS (Gimmicks and Online Instruction) by Jamie Williams and Matthew Wright - Trick

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Star Draws by Matthew Wright and Jamie Williams is a simple yet powerful close-up piece of magic and mentalism.

The spectator freely chooses any one of six crayons from a crayon pack and is then asked to think of something associated with that color. Using magicians stealth and the Jedi "force" the spectator chooses a character from Star Wars that corresponds to the chosen color of crayon.

Magically the crayon now transforms into the chosen character right in the spectators hands.

Comes with download instructions detailing everything you need to know plus multiple routines and ideas to help create your own presentation piece. Also included (for iPhone users only) IS EZ-4S, Matthew Wrights incredible system for forcing anything on your phone.

Very easy to do and suitable for all levels. plays as well for children as it does for adults.

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