STAR BANDANA by Lee Alex - Trick

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"Catch a falling star!!"


A night sky blue bandana with a bright yellow pattern is shown on both sides.

The performer shakes the bandana and the stars fly off into the air.

The bandana is shown blank on both sides.

The magician takes a handful of star shaped confetti and throws these over the bandana. Alternatively the bandana can be swept in the fallen confetti stars.

Once again the star pattern appears on the bandana and this can be shown again on both sides as it was in the beginning.

The subtle addition of the bandana's bright border makes the flash transformation almost undetectable even at close quarters.

Suitable for the largest stage and visual enough for street performances, "Zoom" shows, parlor shows etc.
Complete with hand-finished satin bandana (approximately 24 x 24 inches, 60 x 60 cm) and a supply of hand cut star shaped confetti (enough for many performances).
Easy set up and ready to perform any time during your show.

This bandana is sure to be the star of your show!

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