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Introduce your little four-legged friend to the audience by explaining that he is an obedient dog with magical abilities. Ask a person to choose a card and then, without seeing it, bring it to the dog's nose to sniff it. The same card is now scattered in the center of the deck by the spectator and the deck shuffled. Now you just have to agree with your friend Spot to find the card. In fact, throw the cards towards Spot and he will be able to capture the chosen card with his mouth! Now peel off the grabbed card and hand it to the spectator.

It's a funny effect that lends itself to good comedy. Provided the special shape carefully made, it works remotely with remote control.

Easy to do, you have the option to change the card to any of your choice and peel the same from Spot's mouth.

Dog measures 26cm high and 21cm wide. Works with two normal batteries (12v and 9v), one extra card is included.

Paper instructions attached.

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