SPIX (Gimmick and Online Instructions) by Les French Twins & Magie-Factory - Trick

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SPIX is the result of the collaboration between Magie-Factory and the French Twins.

Discover through this application 2 devastating effects, usable in combination or independently. Commercial effects designed for workers: AIRCODE and AIRPRINT!

Through 45 min of explanatory video full of ideas, subtleties and routines, discover:


Without touching anything, the numbers on the lock screen dig in one by one, unlocking the phone, and from distance! AIRCODE is a 100% customizable tool.

An example of a routine: Imagine explaining to the spectator that you feel like you have something in common, in this case your phone passcode. Ask him to think of his iPhone passcode and look at your phone. Without touching anything, the numbers on the lock screen dig in one by one, unlocking the phone, and from distance!

A mentalism effect imbued with digital magic that will be remembered! Many presentations are possible to match your style and leave your viewers speechless.


Imagine asking the spectator to think of any object and any color.

Millions of choices and combinations are possible! Without any suspicious gesture, finish your routine by explaining that you came beforehand with a small souvenir for your spectator. He then discovers the photo of his unusual object, in the color corresponding to his choice. A purely extraordinary effect that leaves a physical* and impossible memory for your audience.

If you do not want to print the photo, AIRPRINT allows it to appear in your photo galley on a desired date.

AIRCODE and AIRPRINT are fully customizable according to your needs and can be carried out with or without an internet network, ensuring the success of your routine.

You can use them in combination like the French Twins or independently depending on the duration of your routine and the desired emotion.

The application is designed for workers, as intuitive as possible, easy to use and reassuring.

Discover the power of SPIX now!

  • All effects fully customizable (triggering mode, delays...)
  • Possibility to connect a universal Bluetooth remote control.
  • Instant reset
  • Detailed explanation video (French/English) (many subtleties and ideas)
  • For Airprint, version with and without internet network
  • Two devastating worker effects
  • Easy to use
  • System requirements: Apple (iPhone) iOs 12 minimum and following versions Ensemble des effets entièrement

*For the printed photo version it is essential to have an HP sprocket 100 or HP sprocket plus portable printer. Currently only these models are compatible with the application.

BUT!!! You can use it WITHOUT a printer, the photo will automatically save in your photo gallery at a desired date.

System requirements: Works with all iPhones with minimum iOS 12 update and later versions. Android not compatible.

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