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Spider Pen Pro

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Spider Pen Pro

Accessory by Yigal Mesika

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The Spider Pen Pro is a revolutionary electronic levitation device. In short, it's an electronic invisible thread reel (ITR) built into a pen. You can have the pen in your top pocket and then perform levitations that look like real magic! It has been used on TV by magicians like Cyril, Criss Angel, and many more.

Imagine yourself in a casual conversation. You ask for ANY bill. A levitation is about to happen, but never has a levitation happened like this. You place the flat bill on the palm of your hand and cover it with the other hand. Your hands move apart, and somehow the borrowed bill is floating. With a gentle touch, the bill flips in the air, and you walk away leaving it in mid air. Yes, you walk away. No explanation is possible. Under your power the bill slowly falls on the floor, laying motionless. Only when you desire, for the final climax the bill levitates in a flowing motion all the way into your hands. We at Vanishing Inc. have seen Yigal perform it and it looks that good!

  • The first electronic reel with no buttons or manual switches
  • Powered by an electric micro motor
  • Completely silent
  • Operates with one AAA battery that will last you easily over a year (battery not included)
  • Walk up to 35 feet away from floating objects
  • Constant perfect even tension means no more bouncing objects
  • The invisible thread is very easy to change
  • A pen writes, and has refillable ink
  • The locking method allows you to levitate and animate even heavier objects
  • Perform completely surrounded
  • Made in the USA

The DVD (shot in HD with a running time of 60 minutes), teaches a good collection of effects including a great floating bill routine, Terry Lunceford's "Floating Finger Ring" and more. You will also learn Spider Spool saving technique that will save you a lot of money, and you will learn Yigal's ultimate method for locking IT in the wax.

"It's hard to imagine so much efficient ingenuity in such a small space. Yigal's Spider Pen Pro is absolute perfection. And it produces absolute miracles."Jim Steinmeyer
"This raises the bar of levitation!"Richard Kaufman, Genii, The Conjurors' Magazine
"Yigal Mesika has done it again. The Spider Pen Pro will prove a boon to the art of levitation. Always ready. Always under your control. It's positively supernatural."Luis De Matos