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This is where PITATA begins.

This is the first of the debut batch of products released by PITATA - PITATA Smart Whiteboard.

At the initial stages of the design phase, we wanted to make these features happen:
  • We wanted to make a marker version that is practical and professional. And this is rarely seen on the market.
  • We wanted the Whiteboard to look unassuming enough to look like an ordinary whiteboard. The matching marker pen should also be as ordinary as possible.
  • With never before seen features.
  • With an extremely affordable price.
And here we are.

Probably the most powerful synchronized writing board you have ever seen.

We have hidden away all the secret components to present perhaps what is the most minimalistic synchronized writing board you have ever seen:
  • Everything appears as it would be in real life.
  • Minimal whiteboard design. The four sides are surrounded by a brushed aluminum frame. You are able to write on both sides (only one side can be recognized by the electronics). Except for a 2mm wide indicator hole and fixing rivets, there are no extra parts or openings.
  • Built-in magnetic control switch & wireless charging. One charge can last for more than 12 hours.
  • In order to achieve the most realistic look, we have abandoned the use of lower-cost 3D printing and adopted the higher-cost open mold injection molding to create a marker that looks and feels exactly the same as that of the real-world marker pen. The pen has 15 hours of battery life with a single charge.
  • Offline function: When the device is not connected to your app, the sketchpad will automatically store the written information, so that it can be displayed on your cell phone when it connects again next. This function allows you to not always be connected to your cell phone. In addition to being more convenient to use, it can also avoid the issue of connection failure or loss caused by any unknown factors and the risk of missing the information written by the audience volunteer.
  • As the core of the PITATA Connect app, the smart whiteboard carries the most important part of the function of PITATA App "Internet of things". With the PITATA App, the possibilities are endless:
  • AI recognition voice broadcast: The text information written by the audience is automatically recognized by the App and broadcast to your Bluetooth headset. The voice broadcast supports Chinese, English, and Number recognition.
  • Internet of Things IoT: The time information written by the audience is automatically recognized through the App, and then a signal is sent to control another product in our product lineup, the PITATA UTP-Time Hacker.
  • We have also conceived and designed several really AMAZING products in our lineup which will be able to join our ecosystem in the future.
  • Size: Whiteboard 26.3cm x 18.2cm x 0.8cm, pen 15.2cm x F1.6cm;
  • Weight: Sketchpad 298g, Pen 18g;
  • Battery life: 12 hours for the drawing board, 15 hours for the pen;
  • Signal connection distance > 12m.
  • PITATA Smart Whiteboard
  • One year warranty
  • Full online instructions
  • Customized carry bag for the WhiteBoard (Limited Time Exclusive)
  • PITATA APP (IOS or Android)

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