Slow Vanish BLUE (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Craziest and Julio Montoro - Trick

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Julio Montoro introduces you to one of the effects that people enjoy the most in his lectures. Welcome to Slow Vanish.

The spectator takes a card, signs it and puts it in the middle. Now, the magician says that he is not going to find the card, but the ink of the sharpie is the one which is going to find it.

The magician draws a line in the back of a random card and it slowly vanishes until finding the spectator card.

Slow Vanish is almost self-working and you will only need to worry about presentation, as you will receive a ready to go gimmick that will allow you to perform this incredible effect within 30 seconds after watching the instructional video.

Be ready to amaze everybody with this effect created by Julio Montoro 10 years ago. Welcome to Slow Vanish.

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