Skylighter Light Up Wand

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The perfect companion to your Skylighters! Works in conjunction with Fantasma's Skylighters light-up thumbtips or by itself!

Using your Skylighters, imagine a routine where...

You can catch a light in mid-air then throw it to the tip of your magic wand!

Toss the light back and forth between your wand and your fingertips!

By itself, the wand can:

Find a chosen card by lighting up when it is over the chosen card!

Cause a light to mysteriously appear and vanish!

Also included is a special gimmick that allows the wand to FLOAT and SPIN! The included gimmick can also be used with any Sharpie marker you already own. This would allow you to FLOAT and SPIN your own Sharpie!

As with all of Fantasma’s products, The Skylighters Wand is endorsed by the International Brotherhood Of Magicians- the only magic products on the market today to carry this seal of quality! 

All Fantasma products conform to the most rigorous child safety testing!

Ages 6+

Over 15 Tricks

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