Signature Deck (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Dominique Duvivier - Trick

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In 2008, Mayette Magie celebrated its 200 years of existence and Le Double Fond its 20th anniversary.

To celebrate this exceptional double event, Dominique Duvivier organized 29 exceptional evenings with 17 French and international magicians!

Each spectator and each magician signed a blank card, more than 1200 autographs on the 104 sides of a 52 card deck.

If you wish, add your own signature to one of the cards and join the long chain whose links are formed by our passion for Magic!

These cards will allow you to perform two exceptional routines:
  • Make the card that has been named by your audience appear in an incomprehensible way!
  • Show how the results of reality shows are decided in advance!
The tricks are strong, hard-hitting, and can be performed without any sleight of hand!

Strong points:
  • Spectacular effects
  • Easy to do
  • The deck of signature cards is provided
  • Two routines explained in detail
  • All cards are handed out for examination at the end of the trick
  • Create your own script to perform "Signature Deck"
  • Online video instructions

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