Shoe Business 3.0 by Scott Alexander & Puck - Trick

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This routine follows the same hilarious premise as Scott & Puck's original Shoe Business 1 and 2, only this time, your personal assistant leads the laughter. This special Alex-A-Con version boasts a brand new method to accomplish the magic with a totally unexpected climax that will have everyone laughing and surprised.

You begin by asking your Amazonian assistant to teach you a practical joke and then the comedy ensues. You make a mistake halfway through and end up filling a spectators borrowed shoe with a beverage of your choosing.

As you begin to apologize and dump out the drink you accidentally poured in their shoe earlier you find that the liquid is gone and in its place is some electronic thingy with wires and a blue light.

All of a sudden your personal assistant begins making a gurgling noise.

Then the light goes out as you remove her top. (respectfully of course) Out of her interior you pour out the vanished liquid! She saved the day by fixing your mistake. Talk about auto-correct! The liquid and her insides have changed places!

This routine has everything. It has magic, technology, comedy, audience participation, drama, music and is just good fun!

The routine comes complete with a light up personal assistant, electronic guts gimmick, written instructions, script, training movie and multiple MP3 audio tracks. You supply the shoe!

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