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In card magic, there are a lot of sleight-of-hand enthusiasts. But there are even more possibilities once you enter the world of specially designed card gimmicks.

3 card monte, moving holes, classic packet effects, these classics are so strong that many wishes could have with them all the time. Now, what if you can carry different essential cards with minimal pocket space?

What if you can turn your everyday deck into multi-purpose gimmick decks everywhere you go?

Introducing Secret Gaff and Packet Carrier Pro.

A Secret Card Carrier for your favorite packet tricks, unique refill cards, 3-card monte, and more. Made with the finest suede material with a magnetic locking system.

It contains 5 slots and can hold up to 20 cards. AND Wait there's more! Did we tell you it is also a modern Out to-Lunch wallet?

It's a dedicated business card dispenser with Out-to-Lunch built-in.

Give away your business card or simply a mind-blowing souvenir with style.

It's crazy good. A secret card carrier and out-to-lunch device for modern magicians.
  • Made with real leather
  • Hold up to 20 gaff cards
  • 5 smart release compartments
  • Magnetic locking system

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