Scarne on Card Tricks

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Scarne on Card Tricks
A New Era in Card Tricks
by John Scarne

Scarne reworked 155 classic card tricks to eliminate the need for sleight-of-hand.

This marvelous treasury of card magic presents the exact details of 155 professional card tricks-none of them requiring sleight-of-hand dexterity-assembled by the world's number-one wizard, John Scarne. An authority on gambling and card tricks, Scarne won renown for teaching professional gamblers how to sharpen their skills and avoid being fleeced. For this collection of mystifying and effective maneuvers, he assembled an exciting series of original effects and classic card tricks, reworked to eliminate the need for sleight-of-hand.

Simple instructions and clear diagrams illustrate Houdini's "Card on the Ceiling," Blackstone's "Card Trick Without Cards," Carlyle's "Piano Card Trick," Milton Berle's "Quickie Card Deal," and dozens more. Also included are Scarne's "Drunken Poker Deal," "Knockout Card Trick," and others from his repertoire-tricks that have fooled some of the world's leading magicians.

Scarne presents all the tricks with advice on accompanying patter, offering helpful suggestions about the kinds of words and gestures that give performances a professional gloss. Anyone can learn these tricks, and this single volume contains everything a would-be master of card magic needs to know.

Paperbound, 308 5 3/8" by 8 1/2" pages, fully-illustrated.

Table of Contents:
1. Calling the Cards
2. Aces from the Pocket
3. The Upside-Down Deck
4. Traveling Aces
5. Dunninger's Mental Card Trick
6. Behind the Back Card Trick
7. Scarne's Predicto
8. The Four Royal Flushes
9. Egg à la Card
10. The Turn Around Cards
11. It's Natural
12. The Talking Card
13. You Do as I Do
14. You Do as I Do (Using one pack of cards)
15. Heath's Master Speller
16. Cardini's Mind Reading Card Trick
17. Sensitive Fingertips
18. Separating Red and Black Cards
19. Sympathetic Aces
20. The Four Packs
21. The Wizard
22. Reverso
23. The Dean's Poker Deal
24. The Memory Test
25. Spectators' Magic Count
26. Topsy-Turvy Deck
27. Finding a Selected Card
28. Thought Control
29. Magic in Your Own Hands
30. Mathematical Finder
31. Swimmers
32. The Weigle Aces
33. The Mathematical Card Trick
34. Nomenclature
35. Hands-Off Miracle
36. The Photographic Match
37. Perplexity
38. The Initials Will Tell
39. Double Duty
40. The Love Birds
41. Hit the Deck
42. The Betting Card Trick
43. The Card That Tells
44. Mind Control
45. The Whispering Card
46. The Stubborn Card
47. Color Scheme
48. Magic Numbers
49. The Acrobatic Card
50. Flighty Aces
51. Braude's Mental Card Trick
52. The Magic Number
53. Instanto
54. Switcheroo
55. Quadruple Coincidence
56. The New Deal Poker Hand
57. Houdini's Double-Talk Card Trick
58. Loatrix
59. Double Prediction
60. Card Counting Extraordinary
61. Double Surprise
62. The Stapled Card
63. Allerchist Card Trick
64. The Triple Deal Card Trick
65. The Spelling Bee
66. Double Revelation
67. Walsh's Long Distance Card Trick
68. Scarne's Drunken Poker Deal
69. Perfect Prediction
70. The Puzzler
71. Selected Card Vanishes into Pocket
72. James's Miracle
73. The Obedient Cards
74. The Traveling Card
75. Personification
76. My Lucky Card
77. The Poker-Face Card Trick
78. Winning
79. Scarne's Follow the Leader
80. The Great Poker Demonstration
81. Up and Down
82. The Magic Four-Spot
83. Garcia's Card Location
84. Breath Control
85. Vernon's Three Card Assembly
86. Scarne's Twenty-Two Stop Trick
87. Jack Goes to Town
88. Lyle's Four of a Kind
89. Cardini's Color Discernment
90. Miraskill
91. Lorayne's Mind Reading Trick
92. The Quickie Card Trick
93. Scarne's Birds of a Feather
94. Five Nine King
95. The Eight Ace Routine
96. Scarne's Lie Speller
97. Scarne's Tappit
98. The Piano Card Trick
99. Cross Suits
100. The Card on the Wall
101. Variation on Card on the Wall
102. Scarne's Red and Black Speller
103. "Scarne, Please Help Me"
104. Carlyle's Migrating Decks
105. Buckle Up
106. Double Empathy
107. Scarne's Six-Way Baffler
108. Variation on The Six-Way Baffler
109. Dice Will Tell
110. Affinity in Numbers
111. Gardner's Sympathetic Cards
112. The Last Two Cards
113. Three-in-One Card Trick
114. The Drunk Plays Bridge
115. Scarne's Phone Miracle
116. Scarne's Knockout Card Trick
117. The Stopper Mind Reading Trick
118. "Cardology-or, A Card Trick with-out Cards"
119. Card on the Ceiling
120. Variation on Card on the Ceiling
121. Leipzig's Pocket Card Trick
122. Thurston's Card Mystery
123. Scarne's Miracle Card-Finder Trick
124. The Spirit Card Trick
125. Double Location
126. Ribbon Spread
127. The Odd Will
128. The Uninvited Joker
129. The Impossible Location
130. The Complementary Cards
131. Behind My Back
132. Si Stebbins' Master Memory Test
133. Si Stebbins' Master Tricks
134. The Mishap Poker Deal
135. The Twenty-One Card Spelling Trick
136. The Future Deck
137. Leipzig's Sympathetic Cards
138. Thought Ablaze
139. Add Libb
140. Seeing Through the Deck
141. General Arnolds Master Speller
142. The Psychic Number Seven
143. On the Square
144. Scarne's Sympathetic Card Trick
145. The Second-Guess Card Trick
146. The Atomic Location
147. Scarne's Power of Thought
148. The Card Through a Handkerchief
149. The Card in the Wallet
150. The Card Clock
151. Automatic Pencil Wr
152. The Four Deuces
153. Wild Bill Hickock's Hand
154. Einstein and the Magician
155. Scarne's Color Control

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