Salt & Bone Playing Cards

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Inspired by the life and crimes of Captain H. Every, the man behind the biggest heist in history, Salt & Bone Playing Cards celebrates bad intentions by becoming the lost bounty.

The narrative of the deck starts with the striking bone white tuck, an imperfect paper grain reserved for rich men and cunning thieves. The compliment black and red foil adds a touch of danger and intrigue.

The pirate Captain Henry Every and his crew who pulled the biggest heist in history, before disappearing with his ill-gotten gains. Nothing was ever recovered... inside the 52 cards, lies the map to his lost riches!

According to the product page on Ellusionist, the first 52worthy sailors to solve his riddles and reveal the password will get their just rewards... a money can't buy prize, 1 of 52 rare Ellusonist team decks.

These cards have a true linen finish and Cartamundi's B9 stock is layered with an antique black patina... the first of its kind! Aye maties, 'tis the deck we've all been waiting for. Don't miss out!