Rubiks Stress Cube

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  • RELAX WITH RUBIK’S: Traditionally, Rubik’s Cubes can be a rather tense situation, trying to turn it and solve it. Luckily, this cube has the exact opposite effect. It doesn’t move and comes in the solved format, ensuring that you remain calm and stress free.
  • DESTRESS WITH A WHOLE NEW SHAPE: Stress balls are so out of date. Move on to an even better shape with the Rubik’s Stress Cube. It has corners, sides, and edges but is completely soft and squeezable for a reimagined relaxation experience.
  • IMPROVE HAND HEALTH: If you struggle with arthritis, grip, or hand pain the Rubik’s Stress Cube is ideal for working your muscles. Its innovative shape provides you with a new dimension to stress objects. Perfect for relieving all kinds of tension and symptoms in your hand.
  • CLASSIC PUZZLE CUBE: This Stress Cube is created from the official Rubik’s Cube makers so it is totally authentic in appearance. You get all six sides of color, and don’t worry it comes in a solved format so it doesn’t cause any anxiety.
  • PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS: Package contains (1) Rubik’s Stress Cube from Fantasma Toys. Modeled after an actual Rubik’s Cube. Officially licensed Rubik’s product. Made in China. Measured 2 inches on each side. Recommended for ages 3 years and older.