RIBBON PREDICTION by Magie Climax - Trick

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RIBBON PREDICTION : a simple and fun effect that you will add to your show ! This effect is based on an effect from PAVEL, but with our RIBBON PREDICTION, you never ask for the color.

The effect :
You launch an inflated balloon into the public to designate a spectator whom you invite to join you.You then show him a holder that contains four cards of different colors : blue, red, yellow and green. You ask him to mentally select one ; let's say the red for example. The selection is completly free - no force at all !

In order to share his selection with the audience, you ask him to pick to the colored thought card from the holder, to show it to everyone and to put it back on the holder. During this time, you turn your back to the audience.

You then draw attention to the balloon that was used to select the spectator and ask him to shake it : obviously it contains something. You then take out a large needle and hand it to your spectator. You take the balloon in your hands and ask him to pop it with the needle.Among the balloon pieces, there is a ribbon: the color of the ribbon is the same as the one thought off !

For children, the colored cards could be colors of a rainbow , super heros, moods( red / anger - blue / quiet - green / harmony - yellow / bright)

With our RIBBON PREDICTION , you can change the colored card with ESP card, drawing, ... As soon as the spectator remove the card, you know the selected one !

The colored car is not force - it's a free choice.
The spectator never names his color.
The balloon always remains in sight: no change!
The spectator bursts the balloon to reveal the selected ribbon No electronics !

Comes complete with plastic colored cards, ribbons, needle, and some opaque balloons.

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