Reverse Card (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Dominique Duvivier - Trick

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By Dominique Duvivier and Quoc Tien Tran

An extraordinarily easy trick to do.
No sleight of hands.

Prepare to be fooled!

The magician shows cards with identical backs and fronts: they are four 9s of Hearts with blue backs.
He's going make bits of cards travel from one side to the other!
Yes, it sounds strange to read, but the effects are quite surreal and out of the ordinary!
The card crosses the card! The back crosses the face, the face crosses the back!
The miracle is performed card by card, in a progressive way!

Everything is handed out for examination at the end of the trick!

  • The four cards in Bicycle (printed by USPC in Rider Back).
  • Two different routines: "Reverse Card" by Dominique Duvivier, and "The Sock" by Quoc Tien Tran.
  • Online instructions.

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