The Real-Life Tarot Deck (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by David Regal - Trick

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The Real-Life Tarot Deck

We all know that substituting a tarot deck for an ordinary deck of cards in a magic routine both invigorates and changes the identity of the trick. But what if the deck was humorously updated, containing images and emotions unique to present-day audiences?

That's The Real-Life Tarot Deck

.Never before has a tarot deck included "The Conspiracy Theorist" or "The Vomiting Cupid." Nor has The Devil been depicted as a landlord. Add to these "The Road Trip," "Too Many Cats," "Moving Back In," and 72 more topically fun, loaded tarot cards. You get the idea.

Created by David Regal, Jake Regal, and Sam Regal, The Real-Life Tarot deck is a beautifully produced, elegantly boxed 78-card deck of original art. It can be used for readings, played as a game, or - in the case of a magic effect - as a tool for turning a standard force, prediction, or Ace-cutting demonstration into a routine that's filled with laughs as well as mystery.

The current stock is from the first edition limited individually numbered run.

As a bonus, magicians who purchase The Real-Life Tarot Deck will receive a link to video explanation of one of the best (and least known) Ace-cutting effects ever devised, by Ed Marlo. This is a perfect tool for forcing specific tarot cards for magical purposes.

Purchase two decks to have a duplicate set of cards for use as predictions!

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