Pyxis Blue English (Gimmicks and Online Instructions) by Nicolas Basbous and Vernet Magic - Trick

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The amazing case of a prediction by Nicolas Basbous Merlo

The magician shows a well-mixed deck of cards (a regular one). He gives it to a spectator and is asked to deal them face up, one by one, onto the table. The spectator stops at ANY CARD she wants. Then, you say that the prediction is in the card box. You show that the same card is amazingly printed on the card case!
  • The perfect EDC
  • She stops at ANY CARD
  • Very easy to do
  • Ideal for the magician and the mentalist
  • Perfect for table hopping, instant reset
  • Includes an specially printed card box (Bicycle) and video instructions
  • Available in red and blue

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