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Fire! See how that gets your attention? Well it's the same for your audiences, and now you can make your magic even more visual and startling with PyroPlastic!

Brought to you by Jared Manley, a special effects wizard behind Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, and Sherlock, this appears to be common plastic wrapping, but is really a flash product! Not only does it burn without residue or vapors, but it comes in clear; ember, producing fire-like embers; green, resulting in a flash of green flame; or sparkle, producing white sparkles when burned!

Here are just some of the effects possible with PyroPlastic:

  • Disguise it as cellophane on a tuck box, and use it to produce any card.
  • Pull a piece of plastic off a cigarette pack and impossibly create a cigarette from out of the flames.
  • Pull plastic off a piece of candy wrapping and magically create a second piece of candy.
  • Unseal a pack of cards using nothing more than a bit of fire.
  • Visually see the change of FriXion pen-type predictions/transformations with transparent plastic!

Upgrade the visual effect of your magic to a whole different level with fire! Get yours today!

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